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Bow Wow Baskets: Tailored canine celebrations! Our curated baskets brim with joyous dog toys, offering the pawfect way to commemorate your furry friend's every special occasion. Unleash happiness with Bow Wow Baskets!


Our website will continue to evolve and grow. New products will be added in the very near future. 

About Us

Owner of Bow Wow Baskets with her puppy Josie on her lap.

We are dog lovers here at Bow Wow Baskets! As the founding member, dogs have always been a huge part of my life. I was told as a baby, I learned to bark before I spoke. I've had dogs my entire life, they are my "people".  I recently rescued a new puppy and prior to picking her up, decided to create a "welcome home" bag to bring her home in. I ended up taking it one step further and filled the beautifully woven soft shell bag with toys, plushies and other goodies, the must haves to bring a new dog home. At the shelter, a lot of people inquired about the bag on my shoulder filled with all of the dog necessities. New adopter's were requesting to buy a bag just like the welcome home one I was carrying. That's the day Bow Wow Baskets was born and I have my little puppy Josie to thank for it! 

We carefully curate, hand select and inspect every item put into our bags and baskets. Each toy is checked for a working squeaker, toughness to withstand time, age appropriateness and fun factor levels. We will create the most beautiful BAG or BASKET for you and your dog. All age dogs deserve to be pampered whether it's on their birthday, "gotcha" day, a holiday, the day they are welcomed home for the first time and other special occasions. Let Bow Wow Baskets do all of the work and you and your dog will reap the rewards!

Thank you for entrusting Bow Wow Baskets for your dog of any age!

Sincerely, Stephanie and little pup Josie

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